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Orchestral Database Update Form

Orchestral Works Update Form.

Thank you for submitting information for the Orchestral Database!

  • Note for American Indian/Alaska Native composers: there are many ways to show AI/AN status, including: tribal enrollment cards, tribal documents showing citizenship, federal CDIB cards, Alaska Native shareholder documentation, and letters from federal agencies certifying tribal membership. As some may not have these forms of verification, we would accept a letter from an enrolled tribal citizen that corroborates a composer’s AI/AN status. Please contact us at composerdiversity@gmail.com for more information.

  • Note for male composers: we will only be adding male composers who are not white (this generally means we will not be adding white men from the U.S., Canada, & Europe). It is understood that the act of denying inclusion to anyone in some way flies in the face of the broad concept of inclusivity, but this decision was made to ensure that this endeavor remains focused on diversity in programming.

  • If you see anything on the database that should be changed, please let us know at andrew.smith@fredonia.edu.

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